U3A Fitness and Yoga Sessions 2017


2.30pm Fitness



10.30am Fitness

2.30pm Restorative Mindful Yoga 

(suitable for complete beginners)


9.30am Fitness

10.30am Fitness

2.15pm Balance Aid/Falls Prevention SEASONAL 6 week COurSES


10.15am BOOTCAMP Fitness


U3A Fitness and Bootcamp Fitness sessions started in April 2013 and sessions have been a fantastic success, expanding the number and variety we offer.  U3A members get a personal fitness experience in small groups and a friendly environment.  

Classes are 45 minutes long, based on a circuit style form of exercise, using cardio vascular machines and some weights.  Balance and general mobility movements always feature in our classes designed specifically for over 60s.

Fitness £4.50 a session or £24 for all 6.

Gentle Yoga and Mindful Restorative Yoga

Yoga classes are an excellent addition to your weekly fitness routine and in addition to strengthening, they stretch and relax you too. Gentle yoga is a 75 minute physical class, with breathing techniques and lots of flowing gentle postures.  We suggest you must be able to get up and down from the floor to take part in gentle yoga.  Mindful Restorative yoga is a 60 minute session which combines warm-ups, basic yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation.  Modifications can be given and postures adapted to suit individual ability.  Perfect for those who prefer a less vigorous, more restorative class.  

Yoga £7 a session or £30 for all 6.

Balance Aid/Fall Prevention Exercise

Very small group (maximum of 4) 40 minute session with personal trainer focussed solely on balance, core and leg mobility and strengthening.  This is based on the Otago programme and has been developed to help standing balance and to prevent falls.

If you would like more information or to get involved, please contact the U3A Fitness coordinator - Ann Evans on 0114 348 6607.