Alice Fairhall

Favourite type of exercise: EVERY SPORT!  Think i have probably tried every sport from softball to kayaking, currently i am loving the multisport events of triathlon and aquathons.  

Training ethos: 1) Have fun – I aim to keep training varied and light hearted.  The authoritarian training represented by TV personal trainers rarely gets long term change and that’s not good enough for me.  I will help you want to keep fit and keep progressing, not drag you there unwillingly, that wont get results.  2) Set goals - whether it is to walk a 5k or compete in an ironman triathlon having a goal is absolutely essential. 3) Nothing is banned – by this i mean have everything in moderation.  Its my job to help you choose the right option 9 times out of 10.

Liam Shaw

Favourite motivational saying – I love a good motivational quote and the one I find myself saying most has to be Henry Fords 'whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right! ' 

 Best sporting moment – My biggest achievement has to be when I completed an Ironman triathlon in 2009. This was a day the above quote was very important. As I had never covered the distances involved for each discipline in isolation let alone in one day! 

 Training ethos – I like to encourage my clients to  get out of their comfort zones because that’s where the magic happens! I believe goals are very important for focus and motivation and I always establish goals and re-evaluate them throughout the training process.  Finally I love to add variety to sessions to stimulate physical change and keep the mind active.

Liz Lewin

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Favourite types of exercise

Running! I’ve completed 7 marathons, 5 of them being the London Marathon. I’ve also completed 2 ultra marathons, one being 34 miles and the other 30 miles. I only started running when I was 36! I’m a busy mum of two boys so understand how challenging it can be to fit in a workout/run in to your day. If you want it enough, you’ll find the time! I also love strength and conditioning training. I’m in my element swinging a kettlebell, doing battle with the battle ropes or taking day to day frustrations out on a slamball!

Best sporting moment

Finishing the London Marathon 2015 in 3hrs 01 min 49 secs, taking 19th place in my age category (women 40-44)


Ashton Leung

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Angelina Krol



Carla Gibbons